Analyzer from Spaceship Yamato

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Analyzer is the "R2-D2" of the Battleship Yamato Anime series.  This medium series diecast (with plastic) toy delivers a chunky toy feel.  


Nomura decided to give kids a number of swiveling and rotating joints.  The head rotates as well as the waist.  Each arm and leg moves in a number of directions.


Plot for the series: In 2199, the surface of the Earth has been bombarded into an uninhabitable radioactive wasteland by an alien race from the planet Gamilon. The Gamilon fleet is superior to humanity's few remaining warships, and the extinction of humanity is likely within a year. In the middle of a losing battle against the Gamilon fleet, a spaceship from the planet Iscandar arrives and crashes on Mars. Two space cadets investigate the wreck, and discover a beautiful woman, dead, with a message for Earth: if Earth can send a ship to Iscandar, Queen Starsha of Iscandar will give Earth technology that will neutralize the radioactive contamination on the planet, and save humanity

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