GX-08 Aphrodai A SOC

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Aphrodite A (アフロダイA Afurodai Ēsu) and sometimes romanized as Aphrodai A is a female mecha from the Mazinger Z anime and manga series.  The character was created by the famous Go Nagai. She was the first giant robot in the genre to resemble the female anatomy.


SOX GX-08 was made in 2002 and made by Bandai.  It only took about 30 years to release this toy, but it was worth the wait.  Legs, chest, and arms are diecast.  Then the missiles (non firing) are hard plastic and can be swapped out.  (insert jokes here).  

Arms and legs are poseable and can bend at the knees, elbows, shoulders, and head.


Stand and torpedo holders included.  Early Japanese anime was never politically correct.  Then this rendition of GX-08 Aphrodai A is faithful. 

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