Apolon Legger DX BP-23 by Bullmark

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This is Apolon Legger, from the 1976 japanese anime series
UFO Diapolon
(UFO戦士ダイアポロン, UFO Senshi Dai-Apolon).
This Bullmark deluxe version of Legger is pure heavy metal!
Made nearly entirely out of diecast, with rocket firing action,
blades & spikes in his legs and feet etc. Together with his 2 brothers
(Trang & Header) he could combine to Diapolon. These guys came
in individual boxes and a very rare (today very expensive) Gasshin Set.

The Bullmark's are fantastic, but they also have some weak points.
Leggers chest-clap breaks very easy and the fist-firing mechanism
makes problems too sometimes. But, who cares...nobody is perfect ;-)

Here you could see some of his crazy  action features.

Here is Legger with the "combined" Diapolon.

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