Black King- Ark 03

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Black King (ブラックキング Burakku Kingu) is a fictional kaiju from the tokusatsu TV series, Return of Ultraman. Black King appeared in Episodes 37-38.This monster was originally the elder brother of Red King, but his origin changed to the bodyguard of the Alien Nackle.

Although the Black King (I know-he's not black) looks a lot like Godzilla he is a special villain with powers all his own. Click on the box for more pictures.


The MAT team was on its way back to base, after dealing with Seagoras, who had returned and attacked without any provocation, and Bemstar, who mysteriously revived, when suddenly a large creature began digging it's way out of a mountainside! The monster, Black King, emerged form the ground, standing a good 65 meters tall.

This is a Black King in german box.

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