Aura Battler Dunbine 1:46 Scale by Clover

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This is the lead robot from the show Aura Battler Dunbine.  The show, which debuted in 1983, was about an individual named Shō Zama who is pulled into another world known as Byston Well.  All sorts of strange creatures populate this world, and the people fight wars in insect-looking robots known as Aura Battlers.

The toy features a removable pilot, adjustable transparent wings, and weapons including a sword and missile launcher. 

1.46_Clover_Dunbine_box_1_s 1.46_Clover_Dunbine_box_2_s 1.46_Clover_Dunbine_styro_s

1.46_Clover_Dunbine_bot_1_s 1.46_Clover_Dunbine_bot_2_s 1.46_Clover_Dunbine_bot_3_s 1.46_Clover_Dunbine_bot_4_s 1.46_Clover_Dunbine_bot_5_s

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