Battle Fever Big Scale Vehicle by Popy

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This is the Popy Big Scale Battle Shark.  The Battle Shark is the transport ship for Battle Fever, the robot from the sentai series Battle Fever J.  This is the first sentai series to feature a giant robot.

The Big Scale Battle Shark toy was designed to accomodate the Battle Fever Popy toy.  The Battle Shark features fold-out missile launchers on the sides and in the rear, metal extractable anchors, a cockpit to accomodate five pilots (the sentai), a hidden launcher under the central chrome piece, rear depth charge dispensers, and a hidden storage area under the rear tower assembly.  The vehicle separates in half, and the Battle Fever Robot fits within a black plastic cradle (not pictures) within the two halves of the Battle Shark.  

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BS_2_s BS_5_s

BS_7_s BS_3_s BS_4_s


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