Bibyun Beni-Shark by Takatoku

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This is the Beni-Shark toy made by Takatoku.  It is a large transport vehicle from the show Bibyun.  More about the show can be found under the Grip toy.

Beni-Shark_box_1_s Beni-Shark_box_2_s Beni-Shark_styro_s

The toy has a really funky and cool design, with wavy curves juxtaposed wtih sharp angles.  The main body is diecast.  It features eye and mouth stickers to give it a face, with a strange three-layer glubular extension in the front.  Totally rad!  It also fires missiles from a launcher on its back.

Beni-Shark_toy_1_s Beni-Shark_toy_2_s Beni-Shark_toy_3_s

The toy is also quite large, as can be seen in this comparison photo with a Popy Rydoto from the Raideen series.  You just can't go wrong picking up this toy.


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