Bryger DX (Super Transformation) by Takatoku

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This is the deluxe version of Bryger robot made by Takatoku.  This is from the anime called Galaxy Cyclone Bryger that aired circa 1981.  This robot transforms into a car (Brysander) and a spaceship (Bryster).  It features diecast partial lower legs and clips in the shoulders, and internal parts. 

It comes in a large box with an inner cover, and it includes a handle.  I believe that the empty slot on the lower left side is for the stickers, which would come rolled up.  I have these stored flat.

Bryger_DX_Box_1_s Bryger_DX_Box_2_s Bryger_DX_Box_3_s

Bryger_DX_Box_5_s Bryger_DX_Box_7_s

Bryger_DX_Box_6_s Bryger_DX_Box_8_s

Stickers and instruction sheet for sticker placement:


Here's the robot itself:

Bryger_DX_robot_1_s Bryger_DX_robot_2_s Bryger_DX_robot_3_s


As mentioned above, the back portion of the lower legs and the shoulder clips are diecast:

Bryger_DX_diecast_1_s Bryger_DX_diecast_2_s

Here's the car transformation.  The arms are removed.  The wings are folded down, and the legs compress in and hold on the side panels with chrome exhaust pipes.  The front of the car is slipped on over the head, and it latches into the spaces where the arms latched on.

Bryger_DX_car_1_s Bryger_DX_car_2_s

Here's the spaceship transformation.  To form the spaceship, the arms are left on.  The legs pull down, rotate to the side on diecast bars, and then slide up over the arms.  The exhaust piece is slipped over the knee caps.  The shins are rotated out to form wings and small fins hidden underneath are raised.  The nose cap is slipped over the head, but this time it latches into small cavities in the shoulders. 

Bryger_DX_spaceship_1_s Bryger_DX_spaceship_2_s Bryger_DX_diecast_3_s


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