PB-11 Daitetsujin 17 Sub Machine

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This is the Popy-made vehicle from the live-action show, Daitetsujin 17. The box presents the vehicle in one of its forms (more on this later).

pb-11_box_1_s pb-11_box_2_s

These are the contents of the box. Based on the size of the box, I suspect that all of these came wrapped in the soft foam, as opposed to styrofoam packaging.


The instruction sheets present details on how to transform the vehicle from a submarine-type vehicle into a helicopter.


This is toy in submarine form.

pb-11_toy_1_s pb-11_toy_2_s pb-11_toy_3_s

In order to transform it into a helicopter, you lift up the rear hatch and spread out the rotary blades. Pressing the button on the front of the vehicle makes the wide wings spring out.

pb-11_toy_4_s  pb-11_toy_5_s

The pilot does not lock into place (no tabs), he just sits loosely in the seat. Also, the blue transparent door opens.


Here's the D-17 Sub Machine with the rest of the Popy D-17 family (also including a D-17 larger figure put out more recently by Bandai).


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