Denjin Zaboga - Jumbo by Grip

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There are tons of cool Zaboga toys, specially from Bullmark.
Sofubis, Missile Firing Vinyls, Meka Machines,...
But only Grip made a few, to be precise 3, diecast Zaboga toys.
Denjin Zaboga (電人ザボーガー) was a japanese tokusatsu
TV series that was on air 1974-75. Zaboga could transform into
a motorcycle, machine Zaboga. How cool is that!
This Zaboga is from the "Jumbo Grip" series...well, not really a Jumbo Machinder ;-)
But compared to the "usual" small Grip-format this Zaboga is Jumbo (ca. 5'', 12 cm).

Lots of great details! Normally Zaboga comes with a small red plane,
that is stored in his back...unfortunately it is missing here. nobody is perfect ;-)

You even could "transform" Zaboga into machine Zaboga.

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