Denzitiger Big Scale Vehicle by Popy

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This is the Popy Big Scale Denzitiger.  The Denzitiger is the transport ship for Daidenjin, the robot from the sentai series Denjiman (or Denziman).  This is only the second sentai series to feature a giant robot (the first being Battle Fever J).

The Big Scale Denzitiger toy was designed to accomodate the Daidenjin DX Popy toy, as seen below.  The Denzitiger features adjustable missile launchers on a rotating turret, additional missile launchers on the front of the ship, a winding crane attachment on the rear of the vehicle, fold-down tracks, and an opening hangar bay that launches the Daidainjin robot in vehicle mode.  The toy also includes a chrome antenna on top of the turret (not pictured).  

Denzitiger_BS_s Denzitiger_BS_3_s Denzitiger_BS_2_s

Here's a comparison of the Big Scale Denzitiger with the standard sized Popinica vehicle and also a bootleg Denzitiger vehicle (Typhoon Jumbo) also featured in the Robot-Japan gallery.


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