Dino Stegazord

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Dino Stegazord

Robot Megazord by Bandai America

Power-Rangers-Dinothunder-box-1Dino Thunder is about to thunder its way out of U.S. stores, but at the tail end of the series we have a killer design. Bandai America has brought us a new triumvirate of megazord toys forming the Dino Thunder Stegazord toy. Yes, it is a mouthful to say, but you will recognize a new robot design that comes in an unusual maroon and gold color scheme. As with the first Power Rangers toys, we have returned to dinosaur based zords.

Dino-Stegazord-DeluxeMy first impression is that the Dino Stegazord is pretty stiff and doesn't move too much. Later on I recognized that the toy is really quite fun to play with, kids love it, and it is intuitive to transform. So many toy makers have lost this fact-- kids get frustrated with overly complex designs. I like the simple, sturdy, and fun design of this Dino Stegazord Megazord.

With that said we get a bonus feature of batteries and moving actions. A flip of the switch powers the Stega Zord "Razor Action" where the spines move back and forth. Our red stegosaurus spines move like hedge clippers. Next we get a blue and silver spinning disk from the bonus Dimetro Zord. This light blue dinosaur reminds me of a cement saw (yes parents it is safe). Then our stegosaurus can split along the spine and make a moving platform or vehicle.

Deluxe-Thunder-MegazordAll of these zords (individual animals) can be combined with the Thundersaurus Megazord (sold separately) to make the Dino Rage Megazord. It sounds complex, but just imagine two big lego sets combining to make one toy. Pictured at the left is the combined two Megazords-- Dino Rage Megazord.

Bandai does very well with this Dino-installment of the Power Rangers. Sales in the New York area attest to this; I've seen shipment after shipment disappear into delighted kid's hands. There is a definite beauty in simplicity and you can't go wrong with a dino-kids toy.


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