Dinosaur Robo 3- Brontosaurus

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Our Pre Transformer toy Sludge

In the Early 1980's Takara toys of Japan released a Dino Robo toy we now know as Transformers Sludge. This brontosaurus toy that changes into a robot predates the U.S. Transformers craze by about four years. In this first release the toy came with a magnetic foot driver and gold accessories. Unlike the U.S. counterpart the toy actually fires the missiles and comes in a well thought out styrafoam package.


Robot Toy Features

Takara made unique silver foil stickers for this robot. Inside the package we have a color catalog and detailed transforming instructions.

Diaclone-Slag Dynobot-box Slag-back

slag-dino-1 slag-hd Slag-Dinosaur-robo-box Slag

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