Dreadwing G2

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G2 Dreadwing TRF 10 Jet with Smokescreen fighter

Dreadwing Tactical Bomber and Smokescreen fighter jet

g2-jet-clsCheap, thin plastic, junky quality, yet undeniably well engineered. The G2 Decepticon jet Dreadwing is really a cool Transformer under desguise of poor quality. Smokescreen, the smaller fighter jet, is a yet another awesome design obscured with weird colors and quality issues. It was just too bad that Hasbro made the G2 Dreadwing in Indonsia and cut the quality.

Megatron-g2-box-bkG2 Dreadwing has a nifty mini-jet fit into the rear of the toy;then it has a gatlin gun to blast your enemys. You can take Smokescreen in jet mode and dock it in the back of your larger stealth bomber toy. Fins fold down and the smaller jet snaps in place. Just below the docked Smokescreen is a massive missile hungry launcher. It is weird, out of proportion and darned fun to play with. *See definition of kid's toy. Each of the missiles can fire out like Bullmark toys and then extras can be stored under each wing. Press the wing buttons to drop your extra missiles

Note one really weird "deluxe" feature of the toy. The leading bomber wing edges are chrome. Groovy! If Hasbro was cutting costs, why add this unusual and costly feature. It compliments the blue, purple, and black camouflage paint job -smile-. Oh well.

I found the packaging to be dark and morose, but (should I say it) retro and appropriate for an early 90's toy. You get a tech spec on the back and then a well thought out window display in front.

Dreadwing and Smokescreen get a high fun value for play and poseablilty. Just don't force anything or play with it too long. The thin plastic and poor joints will become apparent. You may want to buy the newer Robot Masters Transformers toy that was released in 2004; it is a remastering of our technicolor G2 toy.


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