Dirge G1

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Dirge was first introduced in 1985.  Thrust, Ramjet, and Dirge are part of a team dubbed by Transformers fans as the "Coneheads" for the way their character models were drawn to make them visually distinct from the original Decepticon jets Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker despite their toys being modifications of the same mold used to create that original trio. The toys themselves use the nosecone of the jet to become the head of the robot, but on the original jets the nosecone points back, forming a seemingly normal head. To make the three newer jets distinctive, the character model creators illustrated them with the nosecones pointing up in robot mode - despite the fact that this is not how their toy instructions or box art depict them. (Ironically, when the hinge holding the toy's fuselage/torso and head/nosecone in robot mode wears down, pointing the nosecone upward is the only way to keep the cockpit/midsection from leaning backward, away from the die-cast metal portion of the Seekers' chests.)


Dirge was described as a mournful, silent warrior reliant on - and consumed by - fear. While an expert at inflicting fear on others, Dirge was also prone to succumbing to fear. Dirge's effectiveness evaporated under situations where Dirge felt he was not in control.

In jet mode, Dirge had the ability to induce fear in other robots through his engines. The engines apparently emitted certain frequencies that caused disorientation and provoked fear in the Transformers' equivalent of the central nervous system. He also carried two air-to-air missiles and two automatic machine guns.


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