GA-45 Kagestar by Popy

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Kagestar is the hero from the 1976-77 japanese live action tokusatsu TV series
produced by Toei. He is the japanese answer to Evel Knievel, riding his ultra cool
winged white motorcycle called the KageroCar or Kage Roller (Popy PA-65).
Together with his female sidekick Bellestar he kicks some serious ass ;-)

Kagestar comes in a beautiful box.

Accessories: Gun & projectiles, stand

Kagestar has a very nice "light-up feature". You could put a battery into
his stand and connect it with the "plug" on his back.

When he's connected to a battery he starts to light-up & blink.
You could open his chest clap and see a light-up "holographic"
picture of Bellestar. How cool is that!!

Here's a little animation...

My personal summary: Great vintage heavy metal gokin, with great
action feature still for a "nice price". Don't wait to long if you want one...

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