GA-53 Gan Gara Ganchan

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Gan Gara Ganchan

Gan Gara Ganchan harkens from the relatively unknown Japanese show Police Robot 110 from the 1970's. Emergency phone number 110 is Japan's equivalent of the U.S. number 911.

This particular toy was sold in 1977 and can transform from a robot into a Police Submarine.


The outer portions of the legs split apart to make rolling gear and the head rotates too to show a third wheel.

Press a button in the rear of the toy and a hellicopter blade shoots out. Open the stomach door to reveal a mini-tin litho of the robot innerworkings. Gan Gara Ganchan reminds me of a transforming and updated Robocon toy.



Note the great Popy illustrations on the box back.

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