Galient Joint Model by Sansei

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This is the Galient robot from Panzer World Galient, made by Sansei.  This is the Joint Model toy that you assemble yourself.  Sansei also manufactured pre-assembled toys from this show, but they were smaller in scale.  The feet are the only diecast parts in this toy, but they provide the needed weight to make the vehicle form stable. 

The box design is pretty nice, with some of the other character toys from the show depicted on one of the sides, while the other side shows different shots of this toy.

Galient_Joint_Model_box_1_s Galient_Joint_Model_box_2_s

Galient_Joint_Model_box_3_s Galient_Joint_Model_box_4_s

The toy set includes a bag of joints used to combine all the various parts.  Accordingly, this toy has good posability.  Fortunately, they include extra joints in case any are lost.  While this seems silly to point out, you'd be surprised to see how many toys don't include these!

Galient_Joint_Model_styro_s Galient_Joint_Model_instr_s

The toy comes with a chrome sword.  It stands slightly taller than a Popy / Shogun Warriors Great Mazinger and certainly more bulky. 

Galient_Joint_Model_bot_1_s Galient_Joint_Model_bot_2a_s Galient_Joint_Model_bot_3_s Galient_Joint_Model_bot_4_s

This is the transformed form - some sort of jet, I suppose. 

Galient_Joint_Model_transform_1_s Galient_Joint_Model_transform_2_s

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