Gatchaman G2

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Not sure if they were co-produced, but the maker is a Company called Max, and Takatoku is named on the box - not the normal TT symbol, but the Company name.

I've never seen these before, but had to have it when it showed up. 

DSCF2257 copy

Officially licensed with the Tatsunoko sticker.

DSCF2258 copy

Takatoku in bold lettering. Kit No. 001. Don't know how many this Company made - but I'll certainly be on the lookout for any others :-)

DSCF2259 copy

DSCF2269 copy

These are very tiny. Sorry, I forgot to take a shot for scale, but trust me - they are smaller than Grips.  It's a wonder they were packaged so nicely with the background art. Their size would make them belong more in one of those surprise egg shaped packages. 

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