Gattiger ST by Takatoku

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This is the standard sized version of the Gattiger combining race car toy made by Takatoku.  A larger deluxe version was also made.  These toys will often be seen as manufactured by Ceppi Ratti, and Italian company.

I love the graphics on the box.  For some reason, I think of the colorful 1972 Topps baseball cards when I see this box.

Gattiger_ST_box_1_s Gattiger_ST_box_2_s Gattiger_ST_box_3_s

My particular toy was imported to the US by Space Joe, a distributor that operated out of San Francisco.  While some importers are more well known in the industry, I had never heard of Space Joe before. 


The toy is laid out neatly in a styrofoam case.  As can be seen, the side two cars separate, as does the top yellow vehicle.

Gattiger_ST_styro_s Gattiger_ST_toy_1_s

Combined, the cars fit nicely together,  On the underside, a central wheel set can be lowered to raise the front of the car.

Gattiger_ST_toy_2_s Gattiger_ST_toy_3_s

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