GB-03 Battle Fever

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This is the Popy Battle Fever robot.  This robot is from the sentai series Battle Fever J.  This is the first sentai series to feature a giant robot.  Battle Fever is styled after a classic Japanese warrior, with his head crest mimicking that often seen on helmets of warriors riding into battle in classic samurai movies.

Battle Fever is all decked out with great features, and also includes one of the most diverse weapon sets provided with a Popy toy.  While this robot does not transform, like all of the subsequent sentai robots, it does fit into a large transport vehicle, the Battle Shark (more on this later).

My version is an overseas version, and the box is different than the Japanese box.

BF_box_1_s BF_box_2_s BF_box_3_s

The overseas version includes a sticker and also foam for holding the toy.  I believe that the Japanese version comes with a styrofoam tray.

BF_box_4_s BF_box_foam_s

As with typical Popy robot toys, the fists can fire.  Thie toy also features movable shoulder pads, a removable lead crest, an opening chest hatch (which holds two pilots / sentai), real metal chains dangling from the forearms, and hidden missile launchers in the legs.

BF_toy_1_s BF_toy_2_s BF_toy_3_s BF_toy_4_s

Even more impressive than the standard features are the number of weapons this toy comes with.

BF_toy_5_s BF_toy_6_s BF_toy_7_s BF_toy_8_s

The toy is compatible with the Popy Big Scale Battle Shark.  More details on the Battle Shark are presented under that item's gallery listing.


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