GB-37 Gold Lightan

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This is Gold Lightan, produced by Popy.  There have been several bootlegs, reissues, and reimaginings of this toy, but this is the original diecast release.  The box is actually quite small compared to other Popy toys.  The sides feature the same textured gold finish artwork as you find on the tor itself.  

Gold Lightan_box_1_s Gold Lightan_box_2_s Gold Lightan_box_3_s Gold Lightan_box_4_s

Within the box, the toy sits folded up within a red velvet holder.  This is actually velvet covered styrofoam.  Included is a header card that attaches to the velvet holder and lifts it up at an angle for a neat display piece.  Too cool, and totally original.  

Gold Lightan_box_5_s Gold Lightan_box_6_s Gold Lightan_box_7_s

A simple instruction sheet and a product catalog for other Lightan toys are included.  

Gold Lightan_instr_1_s Gold Lightan_manual_1_s

The toy itself is a nice, solid, bright gold brick.  On the bottom are the Popy logo and markings in sticker form.  These are often faded on used toys.  The top front face of the toy flips down to reveal the arms and head folded into the body.  The head rotates up, and the arms rotate out.  It features firing fists.  

Gold Lightan_toy_1_s Gold Lightan_toy_2_s Gold Lightan_toy_3_s

Within the chest cavity is written the name of the toy.  The lower front plate lifts up to reveal the folded-up legs.  These simply folld down.  This door also acts as a missile launcher.  

Gold Lightan_toy_4_s Gold Lightan_toy_5_s Gold Lightan_toy_6_s

Written within the body is the true identification of an authentic Popy Lightan.  The head has nice deep red eyes.  Captivating!

Gold Lightan_toy_7_s Gold Lightan_toy_9_s

Articluation is kind of limited, but it still has a certain charm about it.  Perhaps its just the shiny bling that has mesmerized me to its simple yet elegant ways.  

Gold Lightan_toy_8_s Gold Lightan_toy_10_s

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