GB-73 Dairuger XV "ST"

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Collectors will note that Dairuger XV (Japanese name) was rebranded in the United States as Voltron 1.  The X and V stand for the roman numerals 15 or fifteen vehicles.  Dairuger XV is innovative as toys got (15 of them) for the 80's; the design has aged very well.


This smaller diecast is commonly referred to as the Standard sized Voltron (versus the bigger plastic DX deluxe toy).

Note that this Japanese boxed incarnation has better features than the U.S. packed Voltron I.  Fists fire off and there was an extra set of them.  Then the toy came with an exemplary chrome sword.  Finally the legs shoot missiles in the Japanese toy.  Missiles were deleted in the U.S. as safety standards were more strict.



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