Ishkick G.E.R.W.A.L.K. from Orguss

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(G.E.R.W.A.L.K -- Ground Effective Reinforcement of Winged Armorment with Locamotive Knee Joint)


Chalk it up to age and time, but Orguss toys have aged well; that is, they have aged well if they haven't been broken. Fate had me take extra photos of Gerwalk Ishkick and almost sell it. Need I say, it didn't reach the auction block!

Right after Takatoku Toys developed the popular "Robotech" or "Macross" toys they had one last swan song-- Orguss toys. Ishkick represents one small, unknown, yet well thought out toy from Japan. Below are pictures of the millitary themed Gerwalk Ishkick MGB-21D-2 toy by Takatoku.

80's J-toy fans may already recognize the intent of this line-- for model building. Not too many collectors got around to painting and detailing; it was an already impressive toy ready to go. Inside the Valkyrie like box is a massive sticker sheet and detailed instruction sheet. Cardboard box outsides feel just like Macross toy boxes with a "moon skin" leather like dimples.

Inside one of the baggies is a driver, missiles, add on guns, and extra parts. You can add on a cannon and missile pod as well is smaller waist guns. Each gun and and add on rotates; you can even flip up shoulder compartments for yet another round of missiles.

Gerwalk-anime gerwalk-bk gerwalk-ishkick ish-sd

orguss-ishkick-bx ishkick mbg21d-2-box-takatoku  ishkick-ship

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