Gokaiser Gokai Dragon by Takatoku

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This is the Gokai Dragon from the show Gokaiser.  It is my understanding that this show never aired, so it is very difficult to find any information about it online.  Regardless, the toys were released by Takatoku and they are among the more fanciful Chogokin designs.  All three Gokaiser figures feature extractable claws on the feet (each with a different design) and they can launch different shaped airplanes from their backs.  Missile launchers are mounted on their chests, and the right fists fire.  The left fists can rotate with a ratchet joint.  They also each have different chromed weapons. 

Gokai_Dragon_box_1_s Gokai_Dragon_box_2_s Gokai_Dragon_box_3_s Gokai_Dragon_box_4_s Gokai_Dragon_styro_s Gokai_Dragon_toy_1_s Gokai_Dragon_toy_2_s Gokai_Dragon_toy_3_s Gokai_Dragon_toy_4_s Gokai_Dragon_toy_5_s

Gokai_Dragon_instr_s Gokai_Dragon_catalog_s

These (Gokai Giant and Gokai Tiger) are the other standard sized toys in the series.  Smaller figures were also made of these characters, but the smaller toys just don't compare in terms of aesthetics and features.

Gokaiser_boxes_s Gokaiser_toy_lineup_s

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