Goriking No.8 by Yonezawa

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Yonezawa's Number 8 Robot otherwise known as Gorikingu.

GoRiKiNGu ( -> Gorilla + King :Robot for training(sparring) of ASuTeKaIZah. )

Thank you for the additional translation help Katsunori.

Gorikingu is from the wrestling tokusatsu show Aztekaiser. The famous Go Nagi is the designer of this robot.

Go Nagi Made this characer in a unique style that reminds me of the Robo-Meka of the robocon series, but with a more anime style. Each fist is magnetic and attaches to the upper arm. They can be swapped with pinchers or with a gatling gun.

Above is the marking of Yonezawa robots of Japan; the trademark.

The toy was shipped in a cardboard backing box like current Japanese Power Rangers toys.

Each arm attachment is secured with magnets.

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