Groizer X Poster

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Gorizer X Poster


Groizer X (グロイザーX Guroizā X?) is an anime series aired from 1976 to 1977. There were 36 episodes. It is also referred to asGloyzer X and Gloizer X.

In Case you missed the story, the Gaira aliens, hidden in the Arctic, plan to conquer Earth. Captured and forced to work for the aliens, Dr. Yan creates the ultimate weapon, a transformable aerial robot called Gloizer X. Groizer X was 100 meters tall and weighed 1200 tons. Entrusted to his daughter Rita, Gloizer X escapes the clutches of the Gaira and lands in Japan, where pilot Jo Kaisaka meets a wounded Rita. Taking up the controls of Gloizer X, Jo and Rita fight against the Gaira invasion.

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