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govarian Anime

Psycho Armor Govarian (サイコアーマー ゴーバリアン saiko āmā gōbarian?, also romanized as Psycho Armor Gobarian and Psychoarmor Govarian, is a TV anime created by comic artist Go Nagai. It was produced by Knack and TV Tokyo.

Poemcvr Poemins 

Above is the very rare deluxe Govarian toy boxed for the Japanese market.  Very few of these have surfaced over the years, as it was much less popular than the "real" Go-Nagi creations made by Bandai.  Poem toys is also an obscure toy company, even for Japan.

Years later there were Taiwan versions of this Japanese toy with less quality control and cheaper packaging.

The series was originally broadcast from July 6, 1983 to December 28, 1983 in Japan.[1][2] Besides Japan, it was also broadcast in South Korea in 1988 by MBC where it was known as 사이코아머 고바리안 or 싸이코 아머 고바리안. It is also known as 海王星战士 in Taiwan. The anime is considered a mix of Genma Taisen, Mazinger and Gundam.


Fun Fact: The head of the main mecha of the series, Govarian, is similar to the head of Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger. This was done on purpose by Go Nagai and Dynamic Planning in accordance with the demand of production company Knack. In South Korea, it was presented as being part of the Mazinger series along with Groizer X. Other than that, Psycho Armor Govarian has no real relationship to any of the Mazinger series

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