Gundam MSIA figures

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Back in the late 1990's the U.S. toy companies dominated the domestic market. Bandai smashed that dominance with the introduction of Mobile Suit Gundam action figures and we haven't been the same since.


ZakuMagellatank G-sky-gundam-toy 

ZakuMagellatank G-sky-armor-gundam

Action figure playsets for the RX-78 and Zaku may not have flow off the shelf, but they broke the ground for more toy figures and models to follow. Call them lost leaders as they warmed the American public to Japan's robot toy craze- Gundam.

Below are pictures of the Bandai America playsets for RX-78 with the G-Bull, G-Armor, and G-Sky. Then there are pictuers of the Zaku and Magella tank set

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