Gundam Super Combination DX Gattai Set by Clover

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This is the Gundam Super Combination DX Gattai Set by Clover.  This version shows the actual toy on the box cover.  A second version has a painting on the cover.

Clover_Gundam_Gattai_box_1_s Clover_Gundam_Gattai_box_2_s Clover_Gundam_Gattai_styro_s

The toy features the Gundam robot RX-78 and a spaceship, which in this form is known as the G-Fighter (as per the box).


The ship can transform into several modes.  This is called the G-Sky (as per the box). This mode uses the robot's legs in the ship, and just has the Core Fighter sticking out (see below).


This is called the G-Armor (as per the box).  In this mode, the legs fit into the body of the spaceship, while the upper body fits into the nosecone. The head swings up into the transparent dome. The legs are a tight fit, and now you know why many of these have scratches along the ankles.

Clover_Gundam_Gattai_ship_2_s Clover_Gundam_Gattai_ship_3_s

This vehicle version is called the G-Buul (as per the box).  This mode takes the chest and nosecone to form a stout tank. In addition to the missile launchers on the black guns, the arms form missile launchers too.

Clover_Gundam_Gattai_ship_4_s Clover_Gundam_Gattai_ship_5_s

The robot toy itself can explade into three parts.  The central part of the robot forms the Core Fighter.  This first shot is the infamous one on the cover of the set without the ship. Its also on the side of this set.

Clover_Gundam_Gattai_bot_exploded_s Clover_Gundam_Gattai_core_fighter_1_s

Here's a comparison with the large loose Gundam figure that Clover also made.  The Gattai version is more stocky, while the individual figure features a firing component from the chest.  Disc-like missiles are loaded under the head.  This toy does not separate like the Gattai version. 

Clover_Gundam_Gattai_bot_1_s Clover_Gundam_Gattai_bot_2_s

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