GX-05 Kargasaur

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Daiku Maryu GX-05 Kargasaur / and Gaiking


Soul of Chogokin

Pc284133Below are pictures of the solid Soft-ball sized dragon-like Daiku Maryu from Bandai. Shogun Warriors Action Vehicles collectors will know this blue dinosaur-like robot as Kargasaur. Think of Daiku Maryu as the Soul of Chogokin carrier base. On the head fits Gaiking; inside is Nesser (the Nessie-like monster), Bazoler (the Triceratops), and Skyler (the jet). Behold the blue horned brick of diecast.

As a collector I cherish this diecast dragon and all the poseability. For diecast heft the design gets an A+. When it comes to play factor, forget it. This toy is too fragile and parts readily fall apart. The star spikes around the knees (if you will) often end up on the ground. Antlers often fall off. The mini Gaiking has a hard time standing up.......

But forget these gripes and simply look at the sculpt. Awesome. Feel the heft; awe inspiring. Look at the small Gaiking figure-- tiny. But let us FORGET that Gaiking is small. He deserves to be in scale. Gaiking is also not the thrust of this toy. Daiku Maryu is the headliner.

Love the decadent design. Drool at the static poses. Give this guy a good display case and don't play in shag carpet.

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