GX-07 Mazinger Z OVA SOC

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超合金魂 マジンガーZ(OVAバージョン) トイズドリームプロジェクトバージョン

Toys Dream Project Version Mazinger

GX-07-inside gx07-OVA-Mazinger 

If you are confused on the different iterations of Mazinger, don't feel left out.  The original Mazinger toy was produced from 1972 to 1974. Thirty years after the start of the original program, Nagai’s company Dynamic Planning released a continuation of the original Mazinger series as an OVA—named Mazinkaiser in 2002 (mazinkaizā).

As the torch was being passed to the new Mazinkaiser, anime lovers were introduced to a new rendition of Mazinger, the "OVA" or Original Video Animation version. The Mazinger sculpt, colors and look were more refined and new.  Bandai brought this toy rendition to market using the "Toys Dream Project" and E-hobby magazine.

Toy's Dream Project is an exclusive toy program by Toycard, a joint operation run by several major Japanese toy manufacturers that include Bandai, Sega, Epoch Toys and TakaraTomy. The current head of Toycard is TakaraTomy's CEO Kantaro Tomiyama. Toycard's main purpose is offering toy-specific gift cards, but they also offer some exclusive toys by the various participating manufacturers, including exclusive Transformers toys by TakaraTomy.

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