GX-09 Minerva X

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GX-09 Minerva X


Minerva X SOC History:

Designed many years ago by Professor Juzou Kabuto, Minerva X was intended to be a partner to his greatest creation Mazinger Z.  For this reason Minerva X has a highly similar body design to Mazinger, as well as having many common weapons. However, the plans for this machine were stolen by Doctor Hell, who later built it in an attempt to destroy Mazinger Z. Unfortunately for Hell, Minerva X's artificial intelligence made it totally loyal to Mazinger, and it quickly defected to the Photonic Labs' team. The  Artificial Intelligence in Minerva made it view Mazinger in a romantic light, causing it to become very jealous and resentful of Sayaka Yumi's Aphrodite A, another "lady robot" 

  • Power Source: Atomic Energy (Planned to be Photonic Energy) 
  • Armor Materials: Super Steel (Planned to be Super-Alloy Z) 
  • Height: 18 meters 
  • Weight: 18 tons 
  • Chest Circumference: 10 meters 
  • Walking Speed: 50 km/h 
  • Running Speed: 360 km/h 
  • Swimming Speed: 20 knots 
  • Length of Step: 6.8 meters 
  • Maximum Jump (Distance): 20 meters

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