Mazinger Z Desktop Model by Unifive

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This is the Desktop Model of Mazinger Z made by Unifive.  This is essentially a transparent statue (no moveable parts) with interior copper mechanics to create an amazing display piece.  It also comes with a plaque made in a similar fashion.  Unifive also made three other figures in this series - Tetsujin 28, Astroboy, and Gundam RX-78. 

U5_Maz_DM_box_1_s U5_Maz_DM_box_2_s U5_Maz_DM_foam_1_s U5_Maz_DM_foam_2_s

U5_Maz_DM_robot_1_s U5_Maz_DM_robot_2_s U5_Maz_DM_robot_4_s

U5_Maz_DM_robot_3_s U5_Maz_DM_plaque_s

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