Megas XLR Robot Photos

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Megas XLR by Toonami. Say hello to retro robots.

Megas XLR robot hits Earth

Megas-Robot-bTurn the clock forward to the future and open your mind to Rednecks and Robots. Soon we will get introduced to Toonami's Megas XLR, an anime (ish) cartoon with retro-robot themes. Earth is being attacked by evil pea green aliens and all has gone wrong. The good guys need a corporate reshuffle via a time space continuum rift.



Enter our savior-- the stolen (alien) robot prototype Megas XLR. XLR and our red haired heroin decide to go back in time and try to change Earths history and immanent demise. BUT.....things go wrong, the robot is lost, and Rednecks of a New Jersey garbage dump find themselves a new toy. 85-foot tall robottoy that is.

Megas Cartoon Outlook

megasxlrI'm going to predict that this new Toonami robot cartoon will do well and touch on some of our favorite themes-- Robots, babes, and space battles. In a few months Toonami will release the series and see if we take the hook. I enjoyed my advanced preview and believe robot fans will too.




Megas-Robot-b Megas-XLR Toonami-Megas-xlr Robot-Megas-xlr


Megas XLR toy robot PVC. It is about 6 inches tall

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