Megatron- Beast Wars

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Beast Wars Megatron.


The Beast Wars Megatron can be considered the superior toy of the toy line.  Legs and face move in the dinosaur mode.  In robot mode arms, legs, and head flex.  10 years back the beast toys of Takara and Hasbro were much more modest.  One might surmise that this toy line drove up costs and helped sink Takara (now Tomy Takara).  Engineering was great, but kid buy in was modest.

Few pieces of information exist about Megatron before the Beast Wars. The Japanese Beast Wars II toy catalogue claims that he had battled and lost to Galvatron (the villain of that series) in the past, while the 2006 BotCon comics claimed he was previously a commander in the Predacon army who had developed many of the Predacons' tactics.

BW-Megatron Megatron-2 Megatron-back T-Rex-up 

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