Mekanda Technical Gassin Set by Bullmark

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This is the Mekanda Technical Gassin Set made by Bullmark.  It includes parts to complete a large, heavy diecast robot in addition to vehicles.  This is one of the most desirable toys in the market.

Mekanda_Tech_Gass_box_1s Mekanda_Tech_Gass_box_2_s Mekanda_Tech_Gass_box_3_s

Mekanda_Tech_Gass_box_4_s Mekanda_Tech_Gass_box_5_s Mekanda_Tech_Gass_box_6_s

Mekanda_Tech_Gass_bot_2_s Mekanda_Tech_Gass_bot_1_s Mekanda_Tech_Gass_bot_3_s

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