MR-34 Spoons Machine-Robo Gobot

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MR-34 Spoons Machine-Robo Gobot



MR-34 Spoons also came in at least one special order variant.  Around February 2012, an estate sale put dozens of "Autocon" promotions variations on market.

According to the seller, an Autocon executive around 1984 special ordered from Tonka close to 100 or so of the robots.  These MR-34 Spoons variants had custom boxes and special branded instructions.  The toys, though, didn't get distributed within Autocon and were stored away in the executive's closet for years.  Opon his death, the toys hit auction for $20 per toy with free shipping.  A quick video of this Spoons variant is below:

The listing noted  "Here is a RARE Promo from a company called AutoCon. This promo is a Go-Bot "Spoons" the forklift. I purchased these from a lady that said her father was the president of this Autocon company and he had them made as promotional items to pass out and never did. When he retired they found them in his closet and were just stored away in the closet of his house until he passed away. She thinks he had around a hundred of them made, I have no way of proving that. "

Robot-Japan may have found the source of the toys.  Historical documents speak of an electronic company using the Autocon name at the same time.  "The company was moved during '92 from Detroit, Michigan to a nearby suburb, Farmington Hills. The company was renamed Autocon Technologies, Inc., but continued to sell controls using the DynaPath trade name. It was during this period that a controls' tags and covers would have carried the Autocon name. Since '01, the company has been called DynaPath USA or, more recently, a return has been made to the name DynaPath Systems, Inc. The company is now located in Livonia, MI"- Is this our company?

Thank you Autocon for your order, the collectors have enjoyed the presenetation and nuances of a little known variant!

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