Optimus Prime G1

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In celebration of Generation One's debut in 1984, Takara has unleashed the highest quality Transformers line ever, the masterpiece Optimus Prime. But forget that for a moment. I prefer to look back now at the lineage and what started it all in Japan. If you overlook its diaclone heritage, Big Convoy 01 or Optimus Prime was one heck of a way to start Transformers in Japan.

Just like the United States optimus, Japan's version came out with the same tractor trailer design with a diecast chest, diecast legs, and spring loaded trailer. Roller, the blue six wheeler fit inside the trailer and almost all other details are the same as the U.S. release.

One thing to keep in mind is that the U.S. toy actually proceeded the Japanese release. My research indicates that nearly all, if not all, of the Japanese toys came with a rub sign on the top of the cab and did not have early diaclone details (metal trailer plates or gray Rollers). Send me an e-mail if you know otherwise. Then first U.S. prime did not have a rub sign; but then the production lines changed about the same time Japan geared up for the Transformers phenomena. As a result Japan received later versions of Optimus.

Optimus came with four missiles, a gas line, a gas spout, Roller the small all-terrain vehicle, six wheels for Roller, a catalog, stickers, instructions, truck, trailer, and two fists.

I found the instructions to be more informative (pictures) than the U.S. toy. You will notice that they picture how Optimus' gun can store in the trailer, how it fits in roller, how the base can tilt on end, how the trailer robot can fit through a hole in the closed trailer, and how rub signs work. This last point supports there only being rub signs for the Japanese market.

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