PB-01 Dangard Ace Gard Rancher by Popy

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This is the Dangard Ace Gard Rancher toy made by Popy.  It is the spaceship that forms Dangard Ace's helmet.  This toy was also released under the Shogun Warriors line by the name of Dangard Launcher. 

PB-01_box_1_s PB-01_box_2_s PB-01_styro_s

The instructions are quite simple.


The Japanese version of this toy comes with a launching ramp that separates into 2 pieces to fit into the box.  I don't believe that the Shogun Warriors toy comes with the ramp.  The ramp is a simple spring-loaded mechanism that sends the ship gliding along the floor.  The nose cone/tail fin rotate to form the helmet.  The cockpit windshield can open.  Missile launchers are present under the wings of the ship.  The missiles for these are quite small compared to typical Popy missiles. 

PB-01_toy_1_s PB-01_toy_2_s PB-01_toy_3_s

While its a simple toy, I love the concept and design of this, and the helmet form is fantastic and suggests what could have been if a super large-scale robot toy had been made (perhaps under the SG- line).

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