PB-99 Space Mammy from Ultraman 80

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This is the Space Mammy spaceship from Ultraman 80.

PB-99_box_s PB-99_box_2_s PB-99_instr_s

The wings fold out and the front lifts up to reveal missile launchers and a spaceship launcher bay.  Two different styles of small plastic spaceships are included.  They toy features some nice details, such as the chrome exhaust pipes and intricate wheel assembly.

PB-99_toy_1_s PB-99_toy_2_s PB-99_toy_3_s

PB-99_toy_4_s PB-99_toy_5_s

The toy comes with two small rubber figures - Ultraman 80 and a kaiju to battle. 


This spaceship was also made in a large scale.  Here is a comparison photo with the diecast version. 


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