Red GoRanger

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Bandai made quite a few vinyl toys and the GoRanger is one of the more popular human forms.  GoRanger was recently considered to be the start of the first Sentai Series TV shows. 

"The Gorangers transform into their costumes by spinning in place (with their costumed form appearing via a stationary camera cut), without using a transformation device as featured in later Super Sentai series. They have removable rockets ("Birdies") on the side of their belts (for flying), and can pull out their visor, which turns into their respective weapon. Their helmets are perforated to enable the wearer to see and breathe. Prior to battle, the team battlecry is "Five people assembled, Goranger!" (5人揃って、ゴレンジャー! Gonin sorotte, Gorenjā! ). According to the series finale, the first kana in the full name of each member (with the exception of Daigorou) spell out "Cassuioeua" (か・し・お・ペ・あ(カシオペア) Ka-Shi-O-Pe-A (Kashiopea)), which is Black Cross Führer's detriment." -from Wiki.


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