Soundwave G1 Oversize (Knockoff)

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Soundwave G1 Oversize (Knockoff)


     The first and most obvious thing you will notice is his size. He towers over his brother G1 Soundwave by a couple inches. You will also note that his eyes are red unlike the yellow G1 eyes. Red was the original color used for Soundwave's eyes in the 1984 episodes of Transformers cartoon. His shoulder cannon is more cartoon accurate. I noticed that his shoulder cannon and hand cannon that typically collapse and fit in the battery compartment on the back of Soundwave, will not fit due to one cannon being too long to squeeze into it. There is no manufacturer stamp inside the battery compartment or year stamp. I would guess Taiwan or Chinese made.

There are obvious quality differences between the two Soundwaves. The knock off Soundwave is definitely made of cheaper plastic and has no diecast in the feet like the original G1. His cassette deck houses two cassettes similar to the Toys R' Us Commemorative Edition of G1 Soundwave. The 1984 release only houses one cassette. The stickers are noteably cheap and lack decent adhesive.

As for Oversized Ravage and Laserbeak, they are both larger than originals and are also cheaply made. Ravage's lower legs are all chrome and lack ankle joints so poseability is limited. The Laserbeak is fairly accurate minus quality stickers and Decepticon logo's and/or rub signs. Both Oversized Laserbeak and Ravage lack diecast in their entirety.


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