GC-01 Space Sheriff Sharivan Grandbirth DX by Popy

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This is the large transport vehicle Grandbirth from the Space Sheriff Sharivan show.  The spaceship transforms into a giant robot.  The side of the box shows the transformation sequence.

Grandbirth_box_1_s Grandbirth_box_2_s Grandbirth_box_3_s

This is the toy laid out in its styrofoam case - the case includes a styrofoam cover.  The instructions are also presented.

Grandbirth_styro_s Grandbirth_instruc_1_s Grandbirth_instruc_2_s

The original form is a giant spaceship.  My toy unfortunately has some yellowing.  The toy has a decent heft with its diecast content and large size.  The feet have chrome expulsion tubes, and the feet rotate as part of the transformation.

Grandbirth_toy_1_s Grandbirth_toy_3_s 

To transform the ship into a robot, you first rotate the legs down.  Next you rotate the torso up and add the head (after moving the head supporting pin back).  The side panels of the torso shift in and the landing gear fold in. 

Grandbirth_toy_4_s Grandbirth_toy_5_s Grandbirth_toy_7_s

Nex, the wings fold up.  You can see the fold-out arms on the undersides of the wings (similar in design to the Vavilos DX toy that became popular in the US under the Godaikin line), and turret guns along the hips.  The arms are multi-jointed so they can be positioned in any number of ways.  The completed robot is presented in the third photo below.

Grandbirth_toy_6_s  Grandbirth_toy_8_s Grandbirth_toy_9_s

The toy has some nice details, like built-in guns in the front of the wings.  The head is a stand-alone ship with wheels on the bottom.

Grandbirth_toy_11_s  Grandbirth_toy_10_s

This toy is quite large, as can bee seen from this comparison with the Popy Rydoto from the Raideen series.


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