Star Zinger-Z Grendizer by Clover

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This is the Star Zinger - Z (or Starzinger - Z) Grendizer toy made in Korea by Clover.  Whether this Clover company is actually related to the Japanese Clover company is up for debate.  But that does not lessen the demand for this toy at all.  Whether it be because of its rarity, the possible Clover connection, or just a variation of this popular robot, this is quite a coveted piece among collecctors.  A few other toys made similar to the Popy molds were also released by this company under the Star Zinger - Z line.  

The toy itself is very solid, similar to the Popy one.  The most notable differences are the yellow harikens, yellow groin piece, and stickers.  Splitting of the red bands around the forearms seems to be common in these toys.  

Starzinger Z_Grendy_box_1_s Starzinger Z_Grendy_box_2_s Starzinger Z_Grendy_box_3_s

Starzinger Z_Grendy_styro_1_s Starzinger Z_Grendy_styro_2_s Starzinger Z_Grendy_toy_1_s

Starzinger Z_Grendy_toy_2_s

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