Storm Powered Megazord

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Storm Power Megazord-Power Rangers Ninja Storm by Bandai America

Here we have it-- Bandai America's long awaited Power Rangers Ninja Storm Power Megazord; a mesh between a hawk, lion, and dolphin zord. Some close fans of the toys may recognize this as the American release of the Japanese Hurricane Rangers "DX Sempujin" robot.

With this U.S. incarnation we have a compromise-- the diecast metal in the Japanese release was deleted. The diecast hawk tail is plastic, diecast Storm Zord leg joints are now plastic, and diecast lion leg joints have been omitted. Gold and chrome plating has been reduced. BUT we now have a kids toy that is affordable after importation. Cost is around $45. The Japanese toy had been importing for a total of around $80 if you were lucky.

One of the most intriguing parts of this megazord is the spinning lion head and pull cord. I get flashbacks of the spinning discs of Bullmark's Mekanda robo. Here the lions tail can double as a rip cord and spin the lion mane. The Thunder Power Megazord (Beatle Zords sold separately) can combine and make more use of this rip-cord feature. When these two combine the lion's head and dolphin mesh and then spin together.

A second unique feature is the power sphere weapon (known to the Japanese as Karakuri Balls). Inside the chest kids can store a power sphere weapon. Weapons can be swapped if another sphere weapon is needed (sold separately).

Then our killer blue dolphin zord has a "base" for land operations. I particularly like the sculpt of the head . I wish this blue guy would do more like shoot missiles however all the kids I speak with love the ole' PR Flipper.

The hawk zord is quite a nifty head to the robot and toy. each wing hinges in 4 places along with the head, neck, and tail. Of the group of three I can say the Hawk is my favorite zord. Proportions are perfect and I especially love the articulation and facial expression.

Roaring yellow Lionzord is stiff. Poor guy. The sculpt is awesome but I wanted a bit more articulations (yes, let's be greedy -smile-). The legs are a bit limited to ankle articulation and paw articulation on the front. There is, however, a waist joint that adds to the fun. He is MASSIVE.

The power rangers ninja spheres are a new weapon concept that fit inside the chest. More spheres should be available in the future which can swap among the other zords in the series (Turtle Mace, Ram Hammer, and Serpent Sword)  

Thank you Bandai and Cliff for sending us our preview Power Rangers Ninja Megazord!


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