Thundersaurus Megazord

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Thundersaurus Megazord



The 2004 DinoThunder Megazord with Dinosaur Action

Power rangers meet batteries meet transformations. Welcome to the newest installment of the Power Rangers DX line-- Thundersaurus Megazord. We have one sharp toothed jagged clawed megazord to review courtesy of Bandai America.

My first impression of this new P.R. toys is that , thankfully, we have a wonderful box presentation of the DX toy. Kids can check it out. That is, kids can check it out without going through store check-out. Cooler yet is that the spinning dino tail can be actuated via a hole in the box. Glossy illustrations explain how you can morph your DX Thundersaurus into a Triceratops, a Tyrannosaurus, and the a Pterodactyl. Batteries are included!

Our Triceratops is affectionately known as Tricera Zord and comes in a kid friendly navy blue with silver accents. Legs joint at the shoulders and fold slightly at each knee. You have a lever behind the head plate to cause the pointy one to buck and maneuver its horns. I liked the sparkley flourishes in gold and silver. The one thing it lacked was a good missile launcher (maybe next year -wink-).
Then we have Ptera Zord our winged defender. P.Z. hinges at the shoulders, head, and feet and is quite fun to play with. It is hard to beat a flying toy in the playful colors of yellow and chrome. Once transformed, it becomes the lower chest of our DX robot. The rear tail removes to form the large robot's helmet.

Jolly, bulky, menacing Tyranno Zord is sure to be the king of the playground. The red Tyrannosaurus is about twice the size of Tricera and features moving arms, legs, an opening mouth, and a battery powered tail that spins. In one of the most innovative transformations in a long time, T.Z. splits off his head to morph into the DX toy's head, chest, legs, and left arm. Then there is that Dino-jaw that forms an imposing chest mantle.

Thundersaurus Megazord Overview

Tyranno Zord is a bit top heavy , keeping it from perfection, but you have got to love the overall design. I recall how loved Dynobots were as a kid, and they only transformed into a small robot. That Tyrannosaurus was quite small (Grimlock). Here we have a giant Tyrano, measuring in at over six inches to the hip joint. The Dyno-theme overshadows any shortcomings.

Thundersaurus Megazord represents one of the most poseable Zords in a long time. It is sure to be a hit with young boys and girls, following in the claw-prints of winners such as Dynobots and Jurassic Park. Here, though, we have a large battery powered Zord that is a long lasting and large pleasure.



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