Tryder Kanzen Henki Gattai

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Tryder G7 

Invincible Robotrider G7 (無敵 ロボトライダー G7 Muteki Robotoraidā G7), was a Japanese anime television series which aired from 1980 to 1981.


In the show, Trider G7 is a super robot capable of forming into a phoenix like flame which cuts enemies in half. Though the robot is capable of rearranging to 4 different vehicles "T-hawk plane", "T-Eagle plane", "T-cosmic plane" and "T-Beagle" ground assault unit.

G7-front  TRYDER-G7-pair Tryder-G7-Robot-Toys

Above are the Tryder Henki Gattai robot toys with magnetic heads.  The largest toys are from the Henki Gattai sets, and the others are from the DX (smallest on left) and Henki Shuttle sets. 

Tryder_copy Kanzen Henki Gattai Box.  "Completely" Transforming Set; the most deluxe Tryder diecast made.

The above pictures shows just how large the Kanzen Henki Gattai Set is.  It is another scale larger than the Henki Shuttle Gattai set (second box from the left, group photo).  Note that the "Deluxe" Tryder (left most) is actually the smallest diecast of the group.



Edit: Here are some photos of the toy in its various forms as provided by Saladyne B. (sal7).  Big thanks Sal!

Tryder_2_s Tryder_1_s Tryder_3_s

Tryder_4_s Tryder_5_s

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