Typhoon Jumbo Denzitiger KO

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This is the Typhoon Jumbo, a knock-off of the Popy Denzitiger ST toy.  The Denzitiger is the transport ship for Daidenjin from the sentai show Denziman. 

Typhoon_Jumbo_box_s Typhoon_Jumbo_toy_1_s Typhoon_Jumbo_toy_2_s

Unlike the Denzitiger, which includes a small Daidenjin in vehicle form, this includes two spacemen that launch out of the landing bay.  Obviously, a sense of scale must be abandoned when playing with this toy. 

Typhoon_Jumbo_toy_3_s Typhoon_Jumbo_pilot_1_s Typhoon_Jumbo_pilot_2_s

Here's a comparison with the standard sized Popy Denzitiger and also the Popy Big Scale Denzitiger.  More on these Popy toys can be found under the gallery entries for these toys.

Typhoon_Jumbo_comparison_1_s Typhoon_Jumbo_comparison_2_s

Typhoon_Jumbo_comparison_3_s Typhoon_Jumbo_comparison_4_s

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