Aile Strike Gundam

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For the first time in quite a while I was amazed to find a Deluxe robot toy for about $12. Target introduced me to my first Mobile Suit Gundam Seed toy this past July and I have enjoyed the meeting. The PVC toy line for Gundam Seed has a very poseable leader-- Aile Strike Gundam.

Aile Strike Gundam Seed Synopsis

Here is a quick synopsis of the Exclusive 4.5" action figure with over 20 points of articulation.:

trike Gundam-- Strike Gundam is one of the five Gundams secretly developed by the Earth Alliance Forces, and the only Gundam not captured by the ZAFT. It has three different armor formations giving it the advantage in various battle situations. The PS (Phase Shift) Armor protects it from almost all beam attacks, but it consumes a great deal of energy. When a Phase Shift Down occurs, the armor ceases to move and all functions stop."

Bandai toys has just brought us the newest installment of the juggernaut Gundam cartoon-- Mobile Suit Gundam Seed. No doubt the cartoon network and Toonami will reach millions of kids around the United States. Now kids can reinact their favorite sceen with this Deluxe Edition playset.

I enjoyed the newly revised double arm joints and double knee joints that Strike Gundam has. You can bend the toy however you like, equip it with multiple armorments, and then configure the transforming backpack however you like. The hips, waist, and most every joint can bend.

Strike-fighterThen you can transform the Aile Strike Pack into a deluxe jet. Add the skygrasper the the fins on the back pack and viola!


Gundam-Seed-DeluxeWith the set you get 2 sets of fists, one open and one closed; a rifle; a shield; a backpack; a jet fighter and stand; two sabers; and then your Strike Gundam figure. I embrace the fact that Bandai has made this toy transformable and sturdy.

Unlike Gundam toys from the past, I didn't have problems with pannels falling off or with fragile parts. The PVC design and revised joints are sturdy.

Aile Strike Gundam Seed Review

I suggest checking the toy out if you have the chance. The price is unbeatable. Local kids have been buying up the supply and giving it their vote too.



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